• Birth of the Aero Club of East Africa

  • "To promote, encourage and regulate aeronautics in Kenya, and to provide information and advice about aviation to all authorities and persons as might be required.”

    These were the lofty objectives of the Aero Club of Kenya, founded on 31 July 1927 by 24 pilots and enthusiasts.

    In March 1928, under its first President, Lt. Col. A.C.E. Marsh, the Club became the official representative of the Royal Aero Club and on 18 May 1928 its name was changed to the Aero Club of East Africa.  That same year the Club was called upon to advise the Kenya Government on the site selection of the new Nairobi Aerodrome (now Wilson Airport) to replace the old Ngong Landing Field at Dagoretti.

    The ground was levelled, and was first used on 19 February 1929 by an RAF flight of four Fairey III F’s on their way to Cape Town from Cairo.  The Clubhouse was built, and Lord Wakefield, a wealthy patron, sent over a Gipsy Moth from England.  Membership had grown to 209 and, by 1933, 25 of the members had earned their flying licences.