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The Aero Club of East Africa is always pleased to welcome new members, temporary members and foreign air crew.

  1. Applications forms for Full, Country or Overseas membership can be collected at the Club or via email.
  2. Candidates for membership must be proposed and seconded by members of at least three years standing. 
  3. Completed forms must be returned to the Manager, together with the candidate’s C.V. and payment. 
  4. The application will then be processed through the committee, during which time the candidate may use the club, but may not sign in guests.
  5. Membership of the Club also includes spouses or designated partners and children under the age of 18 years.
  6. Joining fee of K.Shs. 70,000/=
  7. Subscriptions are as follows:
    •   Full Members: K.Shs. 28,000/= per annum
    •   Full Senior Membership - 14,000/= per annum
    •   Country Members: K.Shs. 21,000/= per annum
    •   Country Senior Membership - 10,500/= per annum
    •   Overseas Members: K.Shs. 12,000/= per annum
    •   Senior Overseas Membership - 6,000/= per annum
        (Senior members qualify due to being 55 years of age and above, and having been a continuous member of the club for at least 25 years)

  8. Subscriptions are due on 1st January of each year.
  9. Upon presentation of valid aircrew identification, foreign aircrews may become temporary members of the club and may use the Club facilities on a daily basis. 
  10. There is no fee for this category of temporary membership, which is valid for up to seven days per visit.

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