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2005 Air Show Cancelled
After much deliberation, the Aero Club of East Africa cancelled the air show that was planned for Sunday, 2 October 2005, at Wilson Airport. Events were to include skydiving displays, joy rides for children, fly-pasts by selected aircraft from the Wilson fleet, cargo drops, glider aerobatics, agricultural spraying displays and more. The highlights of the Show were to be the fly-pasts by the F 5's of the Kenya Air Force and the Hughes 500 helicopters of the Kenya Army, as well as demonstrations by the Kenya Army Parachute Team, "The Green Eagles".
Sadly, the Air Show Committee crunched some numbers and found that one month before the show, there was simply not enough sponsorship money in the kitty to hold a credible show. Even with a subsidy from the Kenya Airports Authority, Kenya Shell, the aero Club and several others, the numbers did not add up and the financial risk to the organizer was unacceptable. Moreover, there were no readily available aircraft for the ever popular joy rides and traditional fly-pasts. Many companies intimated that they were simply "too busy" to participate in the show.
The Aero Club will now begin its search for sponsors and participants for an Air Show in September or October 2006. Any inconvenience to those who were enthusiastic about an Air Show in 2005 is highly regretted.
Nairobi Airshow, 2005

As you know, this year’s Airshow takes place at Wilson on the 2nd October.  It will feature the usual array of local pilots, local aircraft as well as the Kenya Air Force who have promised to increase their participation from last year.

Last year just under 10,000 men, women and children attended the Show and the event was a tremendous success.  As a stakeholder in the aviation industry I appeal to you or your company to become involved in sponsoring this year’s event.

While there are a number of larger investment categories, I would ask you to consider one of the following less expensived categories:



Events like the Airshow are a wonderful opportunity to hold a lunch party!  However, instead of organising entertainment, it’s provided!

Corporate hospitality is extremely popular and is a valuable way of entertaining corporate contacts or rewarding staff for a ‘job well done.’  You can be sure that your guests will always remember the association between exhilarating Airshow entertainment and your hospitality.

At the Airshow, we provide a unit measuring 30 feet x 30 feet and a marquee, tables and chairs and a limited power supply as well as complementary tickets, of course.  You are responsible for organising your food and beverage.

The hospitality area is in a secure and exclusive location in front of the generator house adjacent to the ACEA. The organisers charge a fee of Kshs 120,000/-. 



Last year we produced 6000 full colour A5 magazines (24 pages) for the Airshow.  The magazine included aircraft information, stakeholder editorial and other aviation industry information.

The magazines are given out free at the Show. The cost of a full page advertisement in the magazine is 40,000/- with a half page at 24,000/-.



In 2004 the Airshow had a Trade Show area as well as a general merchandising and promotional area within the spectator Village.

We hope you will consider taking up a unit for the day.  So far we have had very little interest in the Trade Show; so any trade stalls will be located in the public spectator area. The cost of a stall will be 30,000/- and a 20 x 20 feet marquee will be provided along with the appropriate number of tables and chairs. 

Please help us to provide the Kenyan public a terrific day out.  It is in everybody’s interest to bring aviation to the public. The Aero Club will organize the show, but we need your support. If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me, the ACEA office, or Neil Mackenzie who is the event manager on 2717748/49/50

Harro Trempenau


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